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When do I use which blanket?

Q: I have an area that really isnít sloped but is subject to wind and minor erosion. Which product should I use?
A: The single sided products are most economical.

Q: What is the difference between short term, regular term and when should I use which?
A: Short term is used when vegetation will be established within 3 months or so and you plan on maintaining the area (i.e. mowing). Regular term blanket is when erosion may be a little more severe over a longer period. You want to give the vegetation more time to establish before you conduct maintenance.

Q: How do I know what my slope is when choosing the blanket I should use? I canít tell what a 1:1(1 to 1) versus a 2:1 slope is.
A: Slope is measured rise and run. A 3:1 slope has 3 feet of run to 1 foot of rise. A 3:1 slope is still push mowable sideways. A 2:1 slope the mower would slide down the slope and be in danger of tipping. A 1:1 slope is a slope that if you tried to mow sideways, the mower would probably flip over.

Q: What is the advantage to using biodegradable versus photodegradable blanket.
A: Alleged reduced animal entanglement, more flexible to contour, may hold moisture a little better. It can contribute to organic content. However, it can cost twice as much as regular blanket.

Q: What happens to the metal staples? Do I need to pull them out?
A: Staples can stay in place. Just like stones or other debris that may be in the lawn, organic matter will eventually cover the staple. In time the staple will disappear.